Reconditioning Fuel Parts

From our workshop in Shanghai, Azuma Engineering can recondition all fuel valve components for both main- and auxiliary engines for all engine makers.

In our temperature controlled workshop, we measure, recondition, blueprint and test each fuel valve component in order to provide the best quality.

Each components has a unique individual marking in order to have 100%tracibility.

Fuel valve components reconditioning:
 – Spindle and guide;
 – Non-return valve;
 – Atomizer;
 – Complete fuel injectors

The sealing face and seating area fo the spindle & guide and non-return valve are grinder on special grinding machines. Very important for successful operation is that the grinding angle from spindle and seat is slightly different

Grinding angles Man B&W
– Guide = 60°
– Spindle = 60°40′

Each reconditioned fuel valve is inspected by blue print. After reconditioning the final clearance and lift is measured and put in the final inspection report. The atomisation of each reconditioned fuel valve component is tested as per the requirements of the engine builders